April 2005 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting (Public Portion)
Sunday, April 17, 2005, at 11:00 AM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

Present for all or part of the meeting: Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Ted Friedman, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Mark Hernandez, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Rosalinda Montes Palacios, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Willie Ratcliff, Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Debbie Speer (KFCF), Marnie Tattersall, JoeWanzala, LaVarn Williams. Roy Campanella (GM); David Mezzera, parliamentarian. Notes taken by Eric Klein.

Late Arrivals: LaVarn Williams, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Fadi Saba (after 12:30), Howard Beeman (after 1:15 pm)

Absent: Riva Enteen, Sarv Randhawa, Lisa Rothman, William Walker (all excused).

11:00: Introductions and Announcements.

Vote to Excuse Members’ Absences: above members excused.

Review / Approve Agenda: Motion to move GM and Treasurer’s Reports to before public comment – passes. Mary Berg moves to postpone approval of 3/19 minutes, due to computer failure. Debbie Speer moves to postpone KFCF report till May meeting. Agenda approved as amended.

Consent Calendar: BE-T removed the following Item (1-A) from calendar:

1. PersCom Resolutions 3/2/05:

A) If the Local Station Board receives a complaint concerning paid or unpaid staff, the Chair of the personnel committee will write a response to the person who made the complaint explaining that the matter has been forwarded to the General Manager who will look into it and respond to the person directly. If the Local Station Board receives a complaint concerning the general manager, the Chair will send a letter to the person making the complaint that states that the Chair will speak with the General Manager and follow up in a timely manner.

Consent Calendar Items Approved:

Only LSB members can be voting members of the personnel committee.

Form Volunteer ad-hoc Committee re Preparation for Berkeley PNB Meeting in June (Fadi)

LSB Meeting Dates for 2005 Shall be the 3rd Saturday of the Month:

June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17, October 15, November 19, December 17.

11:18AM: Report from Station Manager. (Full text will be attached upon receipt electronically).

11:35AM: A man from Scotland had requested permission to videotape the meeting. After discussion, it was moved to allow him to do so. By request of Sepideh, a roll-call vote was taken.

Yes: MB, Max, BE-T, TF, CH, MH, SK, AN, RP, WR, DS, LW.

No: AH

Abstain: SG, EP, MT, BS. PASSES.

11:43AM: Treasurer’s Report: (Report will be attached).

There was discussion, and questions for both the Treasurer and the GM.

12:06-12:33PM: Public Comment.

12:33-12:51PM: Break.

12:51PM: Items removed from 3/19 Consent Calendar by LSB:

Participation on LSB Committees:

Committee participation will be facilitated by use of a speaker-phone

wherever possible. (GovCom Resolution May 2004)

Debbie Speer moves to change “speaker phone …whenever possible,” to “speaker phone…in the instance when LSB members have distance and/or job obligation issues.”

There was a motion to separate the speakerphone phone component from the conference call component; to vote now on the “facilitated by speakerphone,” and send the “Conference Call” component back to the Governance Committee for financial impact assessment.

Willie Ratcliff makes substitute motion to send the entire matter back to GovCom. Seconded.

Brian moves to suspend agenda and move to PD Hire Committee report (item 10 A on the agenda).

Yes 10, No 9. Fails because a 2/3 vote is required to suspend the agenda.

Mary Berg calls the question on Ratcliff’s motion. Passes by more than 2/3.

Vote on Ratcliff’s motion passes by more than 2/3.

Brian again moves to suspend the orders of the day and take up the PD Hire Committee report.


1:38PM: PD Hire Committee report. After questions and discussion, a motion to accept the report was passed unanimously.

1:50PM: Public session adjourned.


Postponed Agenda Items to be Carried Over to May Agenda:

9) TIME SENSITIVE: Unfinished Business (in order of age):

A. Remaining Items removed from Consent Calendar by LSB 3/19:

Proposed Additions to LSB meeting attendance policy: Absent an emergency, anyone who cannot attend must notify the secretary in advance. Otherwise, absence will not be excused.

If after 6 meetings, a member’s attendance falls below 50%, the LSB will assess the membership status of that person. Removal would be by 2/3 vote.

If a member must leave a meeting early, s/he should announce this in introduction, as a matter of courtesy.

9 B. Items Carried Over From 1/29/05: (Total 30 min)

#1. Relations Between the COI and the KPFA Local Station Board and Its Committees and Processes COI 1/29/05): Be It Resolved:

As of January 29, 2005 approval date, a member of the KPFA Committee of Inclusion (COI) shall also be a voting member of each KPFA Local Station Board committee whose work involves inclusivity and diversity, or the lack thereof, within the KPFA community. This would include, but not be limited to, any search and/or hiring committees and the LSB Election Committee. The representative of the COI would act as a liaison between the Committee of Inclusion and the other committee. The liaison would be responsible for communicating concerns and requests from the COI to the other committee, and for reporting on the progress of inclusion in the committee’s process to the COI. This member of the committee would be bound, as are other members of the committee, to any rules of that committee, including rules of confidentiality.

#2. Resolution re Hiring Policy (Sepideh 1/29/05):

Resolved, that the Personnel Committee be mandated to:

1) Research the station hiring policy and gather the relevant information;

2) Present a report of its findings at the February [sic] LSB;

3) Identify possible problem areas and outline suggested solutions.

#4. Disability Access (Chandra 2/26/05):

10) Committee Reports:

B. PNB Meeting 4/1-4/3/05

C. GovCom Recommendations on Items Tasked by LSB 3/19:

1) Rotation of Meeting Places (Proposed Resolution)

2) PD Hire Confidentiality Agreement (Report)

3) Archiving Audio of LSB Meetings on Website (Report)

D. LSBOC: Upcoming Town Hall Event (Max)

11) New Business:

A. LSB Radio Show (Bonnie)

B. Election of One Additional Rep to National COI

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