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KPFA Members, It’s Board Election Time!
KPFA isn’t only a valuable source of alternative music, culture and information, it is a democratically run grassroots media outlet. We turn to you to select our local board from the members of our community. Ballots will arrive in your e-mail box (if we have your email address) on Thursday August 15th and have to be returned by October 15th. If we couldn’t find your email address, you will get a postcard in the mail with your voting information.
If you don’t receive your ballot or want to request a different kind of ballot, please let us know by filling out a ballot request form. Click on the link and give us your information .
To review all of the listener candidates and their statements, click here.
To review all of the staffer candidates and their statements, click here.
(Only station staff may vote for the staff representatives on the local board). 
All of the candidates were given an opportunity to participate in a candidate forum, although not all were able to participate. You can watch these forums to find out more about some of the candidates.
Election Timeline

June 1-June 30 Nomination of Candidates Phase

June 30 Record Date for Voter Eligibility You must donate $25 to your local station between July 1, 2018 and no later than the date of record in order to be an eligible voter in the 2019 election
July 10 Certification of Candidates Discover the candidates running in the election by visiting their candidate profiles on .
July 17-24  Candidate Debates & CART Video Sessions
Video debates and videotaped statements will be posted online to help voters make an informed choice.
August 15 Balloting Phase Begins Look out for an email from [email protected] or a postcard from Pacifica Foundation which will contain your Voter ID and password beneath a scratch off. Or a paper ballot in the mail if you requested it. Fill out a ballot request form if you have not received your ballot yet. Paper ballots can only be requested through October 7th, 2019, after which only e-ballots will be available.
October 15 Balloting Phase Closes Ballots (paper and e-ballots) must be received by the 15th in order to be counted.
Nov 1 Results Announced


For more information visit:
Contact the National Election Supervisor:
Email [email protected] or  (510) 854-9663 (to leave a voice mail message)