Women’s Greatness-Gems, Wisdom and Stories: What Women Have Learned About Meeting Needs Despite the Challenges of This World

Today is International Women’s Day! Join host Nancy Kahn in a conversation to honor the incredible capacity of women to meet needs despite the challenges of this world.  If you are a self identified woman, what gems, wisdom or stories can you share with the world to contribute to other women about how to effectively … Continued

Women in the Pandemic and Silent No More

Women in the Pandemic From Punjab to Portland to the San Francisco Bay Area, women around the world are finding that there is more that unites us than divides us. What does activism, caretaking and innovation look like in these times and how are we learning to take what we have and make what we … Continued

This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color

Writers read from the poems, essays and personal narratives they contributed to this remarkable anthology. This Bridge Called My Back launched new perspectives on identity, its complications and contradictions – especially for feminist women of color.  The book and the cultural conversation it opened helped establish third wave feminism and intersectionality. This program features Cherrié Moraga, one of … Continued

Then and Now: Exploring Pandemic Healthcare in Vulnerable Communities

In this hour, you will hear the voices of several women healthcare workers who, as an extension of their fellowships with the UCSF HEAL Initiative, are advocating for health equity and health justice in their own communities, and or walking in other vulnerable communities in service. The UCSF HEAL Initiative (Health, Equity, Action, Leadership), is … Continued

The Unbaby Shower

When Reverend Tristy Taylor and her husband decided to stop trying to have a baby, she honored that loss with a special ceremony. During her time sitting shiva, “grief first” was her mantra. Then a dream inspired her to create a celebration of her decision to not become a mother. Produced by Collen Thomas   … Continued

Feminist Fairy Tales

Welcome to Feisty Female Folktales, two feminist themed international children’s fairytales… one from Norway, Tatterhood, and one From Japan, Unanana and the elephant. Feisty Female Folktales, was produced by northern California performance artist and activist, Sherry Glaser Love, and features original music by Johnny Qwest Huebel & David M. Brown.  Tatterhood featured the voices of Sophia Scott, Tristan O’Greenfield, … Continued

Mosaic America’s Galorious

Mosaic America’s Galorious highlights stories of glorious gals; women who were first to Stand Up and get others to Rise Up. Women today need to hear about the others before and among us who are claiming their whole identity on their own terms. Galorious is a celebration of hard-won triumphs of strong and courageous women … Continued

Sistah Boom: Forty Years in the Streets

Sistah Boom is a women’s samba marching band that has been showing up in the streets at Bay Area demonstrations for 40 years – bringing power, energy, and spirit. The story of Sistah Boom is one of women’s empowerment, queer liberation, and marching for social justice. This sound-rich documentary chronicles the four decades of social … Continued

What Does 21st Century Feminism Look Like

What does 21st Century Feminism Look Like? Live show with call-ins. Host Vylma V.speaks with two young women of color who identify as feminists as they explore: What does 21st Century feminism look like? Why do they identify as feminist, and why is it that some young women do not? Can men be feminists or simply allies? Call in with your questions and your responses for … Continued