California Ballot Breakdown

Turning cash into clout: Prop 22’s in-app arm-twisting, CA NAACP’s perplexing positions

Proposition 22, the push to lock gig drivers into permanent independent contractor status, has spent more money than any ballot initiative campaign in state history. The gig companies financing it are also using their apps to advertise, arm-twist, and cajole. Ariel Boone has a report on how that’s changing the terrain of campaign. PLUS: Puzzled why California NAACP president Alice Huffman has put her name, and that of her organization, on the big-business side of so many propositions? It *may* have something to do with the nearly $2 million her political consulting firm has collected from the campaigns whose positions she’s endorsed.

  • 08:09 Laurel Rosenhall covers politics and power for the nonprofit news site Calmatters.

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