Bay Area Theater

Theatre During Covid: John Fisher, Theatre Rhinoceros

Second in a series of interviews about how Bay Area theatres are coping with the Corona Virus shutdown.

John Fisher, Executive/Artistic Director of Theatre Rhinoceros, based in San Francisco, “The Longest Running Queer Theatre in the World,” since 2003, discusses how his company has managed to survive and move into the digital realm as live theatre, on stage with an audience, vanishes from the American scene.

While the subscriber base keeps the company alive, Theatre Rhino now boasts a weekly one-man show from John Fisher, created in his home and sometimes on his bike, on Zoom and Facebook Live, and has begun a digital season that is intended, whenever it happens, to return to the stage.

Included in this interview is a five-minute piece focused on the Thanksgiving Battle of Saratoga, written and performed for this podcast and radio show by John Fisher.