California Ballot Breakdown

Propositions 27 and 27: Sports Betting

California voters are confronting not one but two ballot initiatives to legalize sports betting — and an onslaught of advertising owing to the nearly half a billion dollars that’s been spent on both sides of each. We host a debate on Prop 26, a discussion with the only side of 27 that would talk to us, and a reporter covering the historic sums of money that have entered both races.

The Debators: 

  • Kathy Fairbanks, spokesperson for the Yes on 26, No on 27 Coalition.
  • Becky Warren, spokesperson for the No on 26 Coalition

On the money behind the campaigns: 

  • Taryn Luna, covers California politics for the LA Times.

(Where’s the Yes on 27 campaign? We made repeated requests to book them for a debate, but they never replied.  They had just pulled a bunch of their TV ads after this poll showed the campaign trailing by a 20+ point margin).

Music credits:

T Shirt Weather” by Poddington Bear, used under CC BY-NC 3.0 US

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