Bay Area Theater

Playwright Interview: Ricardo Perez Gonzalez

During the COVID-19 Lockdown, the Bay Area Theater podcast will focus on playwright interviews conducted by Richard Wolinsky over the past few years which aired on Bookwaves, Arts-Waves, and Open Book.

“Don’t Eat the Mangos” can be seen in a video recording through May 11, 2020. Go to the Magic Theatre website for more information.

Ricardo Perez Gonzalez is a playwright of Puerto Rican ancestry, currently based in New York. His most recent play, “Don’t Eat the Mangos” had its world premiere at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco in March, 2020 and was forced to close one week later due to the novel corona virus pandemic. His plays have been performed all across the United States, and he recently completed a stint in the writers’ room of the Netflix series Designated Survivor. Photos: Richard Wolinsky.