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In Conversation with Majora Carter, author of Reclaiming Your Community

We speak with author MAJORA CARTER (an urban revitalization expert, real estate developer, MacArthur Fellow and Peabody Award winning broadcaster) about her new book, RECLAIMING YOUR COMMUNITY: YOU DONT HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO LIVE IN A BETTER ONE. Carter offers up a powerful rethinking of poverty, economic development, and the meaning of success in hopes of creating an enduring legacy of community wealth, pride, and power. She argues that poorer communities could be transformed by a time-honored corporate practice: a talent retention strategy.

By incorporating this type of plan, communities can offer up an alternative to traditional programs, policies and attitudes that do little to lift people out of poverty. Without this – Carter says struggling communities cannot succeed if their most gifted residents measure their success by how far away they get away.