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IGDCAST: Bobby London on Defeating Liberalism and the Possibilities of Black Insurgency

With our first podcast since the inauguration of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump as President, we wanted to speak with someone who could look forward at the path ahead and towards the potentials for revolt, as well as look back at what has gone down over the Obama era with a critical eye. Catching up with anti-authoritarian and black liberation writer Bobby London, we got just that. Starting with Bobby’s experience at Occupy LA and then moving on to thinking about the coming terrain of resistance under Trump, we discuss common themes that form the backbone of their analysis. In this podcast we cover a lot of ground, talk about some big and complex concepts, and dig into Bobby’s thoughts on the pitfalls of liberalism and its stranglehold over social movements and struggles.

Moreover, much of our conversation revolves around Bobby’s critique of the Black Lives Matter movement and the role of non-profits, as they counterpose this to the potential of black insurgency in the current period and how these two things often conflict with each other. We also dig into the meaning of anti-Blackness, the problems that arise from the stranglehold of whiteness over revolutionary movements, a critique of the massive women’s marches, and much more. We also discuss some of Bobby’s written works including The Anti-Blueprint, Fuck Trump, But Fuck You Too: No Unity With Liberalsand It’s Time For Black Liberation, Not Liberalism.

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Music: Comrade and Alas.

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