It's Going Down

Gelderloos on 6 Months of Trump, Climate Change, & Class War

This week on the IGD podcast, we speak again to long term anarchist writer and analyst Peter Gelderloos, as we look back at the last 6 months of the Trump regime. We discuss both the failure of Bannon and Trump’s ‘economic nationalism’ as automation and neoliberalism continue to attack jobs, mounting deportations and increasing repression, the potential blowback over Trump pardoning himself, his associates, and his possible impeachment, as well a the ongoing debacle around connections with Russia.

Peter argues that anarchists must think long and hard about both the opportunities which will open up as Trump’s rule continues to crumble, while also being critical about not playing into the hands of the Democratic Party. We then go on to cover a wide range of major crises we face from climate change, economic collapse, American hegemony, and more.

More Info: Welcome to the Future, our last IGDCAST with Peter, print interviews here and here.

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