“Gas to a Spark”: Trump, the Alt-Right, & Leaving White Nationalism

We talk with former neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini who is involved in the group “Life After Hate” which helps to transition former white nationalists across the US out of the movement and also educate the public about the growing threat of far-Right violence.

In this interview we talk about how the group lost their grant funding following the election of Donald Trump, the relationship between the Trump administration the Alt-Right and far-Right violence, and also a deep reflection on the white nationalist movement in the late 1980s and early 90s which was extremely violent and carried out various acts of terror and a string of murders.

We also compare the movement then to the Alt-Right now, the class dynamics within white nationalism, connections between wealthy funders, police, celebrities and white power groups, touch on topics such as white anxiety as well as violence, the upcoming ‘Unite the Right’ protest, and Picciolini also talks about the time he sat down with Richard Spencer and what he learned.

More Info: Life After Hate and Christian Picciolini.com

Music: Morrissey and Combat Wombat

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