California Ballot Breakdown

DEBATE: Proposition 24 – 52 pages of privacy law changes

Proposition 24 in an overhaul of our California’s brand-spanking-new Consumer Privacy Act, which regulates what businesses can do with our data. 

The changes in prop 24 would change who that act applies to–it would wind up covering fewer businesses. It would add some restrictions, it would take some restrictions away, and it would fund a $10 million dollar-a-year agency to do enforcement.
It is also 52 pages of dense statutory language that has divided groups that say they care about data privacy, so we try to tease out the major points of disagreement. 

YES: Ariel Fox Johnson is Senior Counsel on Policy and Privacy with Common Sense Media, a group that rates content for age-appropriateness. 

NO: Richard Holober is President of the Consumer Federation of California 

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