California Ballot Breakdown

Debate: Prop 21 – easing restrictions on local rent control laws

Under a law called Costa-Hawkins, California’s local governments can’t regulate rent increases in anything built after 1995 (earlier, for places that already had rent control on the books when Costa Hawkins passed), can’t regulate rent increases in single-family homes, and can’t regulate how much rents go up after a rent-controlled tenant moves out.
Proposition 21 would ease those restrictions: letting cities and counties regulate rents in any building more than 15 years old, regulate rents in single-family homes if they’re owned by large landlords, and limit the rent increase after a tenant moves out to 15%.

  • PRO: Rene Moya is formerly a housing advocate with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the principal financier of Proposition 21; now he’s the Chair of the Yes on Prop 21 campaign
  • CON: Steven Maviglio is a political consultant with Forza Communications, and with the No on Prop 21 campaign, which is principally financed by large real estate and landlord businesses

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