It's Going Down

Audio Report: Tales from the Table Side in Phoenix

After we heard that folks associated with Antifascist Action Phoenix and Occupied Southwest Distro had a run in with Phoenix, Arizona police that ended in helicopters circling them overhead, we wanted to learn more. In this funny and short audio report, a member of Antifascist Action Phoenix tell us about getting harassed by a group of police “community liaisons” that often harass and monitor protests, during Phoenix’s monthly ‘First Friday’ event.

During the discussion, we also talk about the (recent) history of anarchists and anti-authoritarians using the First Friday space, both as a place to mobilize and share ideas, as well as what all went down on the street.

We end by talking about the importance in our digital age of outreach, talking with people and sharing literature, as well as being able to share anarchist ideas in a real and tangible way.

More Info: Antifascist Action Phoenix and Occupied Southwest Distro

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