Car Donation

Donate Your Old Car to KPFA



Don’t trade it for peanuts. Donate your old car to KPFA and get the full tax write-off.

Vehicle donations are a win/win for everyone. They’re the perfect way to support KPFA. Put your unwanted car, boat, motorhome or truck to good use. It’s easier than selling it, and you’ll get a tax receipt for your records. And a great feeling.

Donating your vehicle is really easy, and it only takes three steps.

1. Have your VIN number and the title to your car handy.

2. Call the car donation center 877-411-3662 or fill our the Donate Now form to schedule a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. You can find the form at

3. Give the tow-truck driver your signed title, and of course, the keys.

4. That’s it. When your vehicle sells, you’ll receive a thank you letter and IRS tax form 1098 (on vehicles that sell for over $500).
Bruce: Frequently Asked Questions about Car Donations

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