We explore alliances between senior and disability communities.  From the outside, it seems both groups would be perfect partners in advocating for social change. Both groups are affected by challenges such as accessing accessible housing, healthcare, and transportation. Yet two systems of oppression, Ageism and Ableism, often impedes those alliances from being created. We talk … Continued

Pushing Limits

Hunting the Elusive State Job – Pushing Limits – August 12, 2022

For many years the unemployment rate of people with disabilities has hovered around 70%.   It seems that every few years, a public official announces initiatives  to address this statistic by hiring ten people, or thousands of people with disabilities for public service.  Do these programs lead to more of us obtaining government employment?   Today … Continued

Pushing Limits

Advisory Committees – What Are They Good For? – Pushing Limits – March 25, 2022

  Many nursing homes, transportation agencies, senior services, housing authorities and other groups that heavily impact people with disabilities have Advisory Committees. And, low income and disabled people are often asked to serve on them.   Are these committees just window dressing? Is a committee member like a wedding planner who’s only allowed to plan … Continued

Once more around the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol Building – this time through the eyes of disability. The uprising threatened particular individuals in a building with a lot of history. Some of those individuals live with disability and some of that history is intertwined with accessibility struggles and successes. Mitch Jeserich worked in … Continued