Part 2: Caroline welcomes back liberating satiric genius Tony Vigorito, author of (cannot recommend highly enough) spicy, jaunty, liberating, highly pertinent Trickster novel, “Love and Other Pranks.” We explore our shared dedication that Trickster be Liberating us from the Con. “May be the single wildest novel I’ve ever read. It rings the cosmic gong on … Continued

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Who Loves You Most?

  Love is EVERYWHERE…On this day, in particular, the focus, for some, is on romantic love! What’s on YOUR mind about it? Does romantic love represent a “momentary” departure from reality, or is the experience of bliss merely a taste of the Peace-On-Earth we so many of us are seeking? Are you waiting to experience … Continued

The Week Starts Here

Love in the Age of Transformation

  Nationally recognized Relationship Expert, Dr. Brenda Wade joins Producer/Host Veronica Faisant, in Part 1 of a 2 Part series on Modern Love Dr. Wade is a Clinical Psychologist, Author, Radio & TV Host, Educator, and Seminar Leader. Her unique blend of Psychology, Science and Spirituality has been instrumental in transforming lives for well over two decades Tonight, … Continued