Direct Action! Comedy for RAICES!

The history of radical direct action can provides the roots, and real hope, for the present—and the future.  L.A. Kauffman talks about her new book.  PLUS: Lisa Geduldig throws a benefit for undocumented children, with comedians.  With host Kris Welch.


War with china? Gay Pride! Unbound

Trade war with China may already have started, but military war? Preparations are underway, says Michael Klare. PLUS; this weekend is the big Gay Pride march in S.F. Lisa Geduldig gives us the heads-up. PLUS: surviving a life of unrelenting abuse and deprivation, 28 years in prison, Donna Hyllton is a passionate prison/women’s rights advocate, … Continued

Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine – December 21, 2015

The United Nations recently sent a team of experts to the US to look at the state of women’s rights.  They described the inequities they found as shocking and in several key respects far worse than other developed countries, worse even than in some developing countries.  We talk with Frances Raday, a member of that … Continued