KPFA Episode’s Decription – Formatting Guidelines

All programmers will enter their own promos or if you cannot, then are required to send it to [email protected] — no later than the day before the program.

If you need a website login, email [email protected]

It is essential that you turn in your episode’s description. The only exception is if you have a music program and are not featuring any live music or interviews and are not playing any particular type of music that you can promote. If you don’t send in your promos we can’t forward promote your show on air or advertise it on the web. That means that people checking will not have any idea what you’re doing, and therefore won’t make a point of tuning in, and it also means that when the audio for your show is archived it will be unlabelled and so lost forever on our website.

Format for episode’s description:

  • Please use the present tense (not “John Doe will speak with…” but rather “John Doe speaks with…”) so that it can be read after the fact on the archives page without it sounding strange.
  • Spell out names in full, including your own (not “Jane speaks with…” but rather “Jane Doe speaks with…” You can’t assume that listeners know all the hosts on the air.
  • Please pay attention to grammar and spelling as these promos will be read on the air and will be put up on permanently. It’s up to you to make sure that it is radio and web-ready. Take the time to spell-check your promo.
  • Avoid the use of terms like “we” or “I”, e.g. “We discuss the global economy with…” Instead spell out who “we” is, e.g. “Host Nina Serrano discusses the global economy with…” This allows us to use the promos flexibly for live reads on air without listeners thinking that the person reading the live read is the person who will do the interview.

You should send an email to [email protected] containing:

A TITLE FOR THE SHOW and a CONCISE SENTENCE (about 25 words). It is also helpful to send a long description of the program (no more than 300 words), especially for programs that are more than an hour long (see below).

For example:

Title for show: Music of the World with Stephen Kent – “2 Foot Yard; Don Byron”

Concise sentence: “Carla Kihlstedt performs live with her trio, 2 Foot Yard, followed by a live discussion with acclaimed jazz clarinetist Don Byron.”


Title for show: Making Contact – “Kidnapping, American Style”

Concise sentence: “It’s the largest covert operation since the Cold War, and it’s funded with your tax dollars. A.C. Thompson talks to host Kris Welch about extraordinary rendition.”

Long description: “It’s the largest covert operation since the Cold War, and it’s funded with your tax dollars. Award-winning journalist A.C. Thompson, co-author of “Torture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA’s Rendition Flights,” talks to host Kris Welch about extraordinary rendition.”

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