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Forms and Info:

Promo, PSA and Calendar Guidelines:

  • KPFA promos (Events, Station and Show) and PSAs need to be 30 seconds in length with 2 seconds of music at the start and at the end. We need 2 second handles on each side to allow us the freedom to crossfade between promos without cutting out a person’s voice.
  • Community Calendars will need to be 1-minute in length. Also, there should be 2 second handles at the start and end for the same reason above.
  • Any promos that “need” to be 1 minute must be pre-approved by the Operations and Programming Departments before it can air
  • Lastly, we need locally produced non-syndicated programs to be in charge of doing the station ID at the start of their show. This will allow us to continue to comply with FCC guidelines and save us some time (between 15 to 25 seconds) at the top of the hour to dedicate to more promo time.

Sample Script:

Locally Produced and Distributed Programs (ie About Health):

  • “You are listening to ‘About Health’ on 94.1 KPFA and 89.3 KPFB in Berkeley, 88.1 KFCF in Fresno and K248BR in Santa Cruz and online at I am your host, ‘Nurse Rona.’ On today’s show… “

Nationally Syndicated Programs (ie Flashpoints):

  • “From the KPFA studios in Berkeley, you are listening to ‘Flashpoints.’ I am your host, ‘Dennis Bernstein,’ and on today’s show… “

Misuse of EAS Alert Tones Rules:

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