“Biggest Crack in Glass Ceiling Yet”: Clinton Becomes First Female Major-Party Presidential Nominee; Hundreds of Sanders Delegates Walk Off Convention Floor in Protest of “Rigged” Election; “It’s a Bittersweet Time”: Some Sanders Backers Stay Inside DNC, Now Plan to Support Hillary Clinton; Danny Glover & Rep. Luis Gutiérrez on Sanders, Clinton and the Long Arch … Continued

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – June 20, 2016

Federal officials release partial transcripts of Orlando shooter phone calls. Senators debate gun control measures. The Dalai Lama addresses state lawmakers. San Francisco city and Pride officials detail security measures ahead of weekend festivities. Who’s funding Islamophobic groups in the U.S.? The Council on American Islamic Relations and a U.C. Berkeley Center reveal their findings. … Continued

Reporter Branko Marcetic, regular contributor to In These Times has been investigating the Hunt Commission transcripts from 1981/1982.  Democratic Party officials talked openly about creating the superdelegate system to prevent “outsider” candidates from getting the nomination, and reducing the role of primary voters.