The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

Senator Bernie Sanders and Starbucks CEO face off at hearing; House Democrats renew call for gun safety legislation as Nashville mourns school shooting victims; California Assembly panel approves ban on police use of facial recognition technology: Evening News March 29 2023

Senator Bernie Sanders takes on longtime Starbucks CEO, accusing him of union busting at contentious hearing. First Lady Jill Biden joins Nashville vigil mourning this week’s school shooting while House Democrats call for assault weapons ban Republican House members call for stiffer work requirements for parents receiving federal aid California bill to ban police use … Continued

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

Mariupul defenders last stand; Senate to vote on codifying abortion rights, but not on overturning filibuster; Bernie Sanders says Amazon shouldn’t get federal contracts

Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. U.S. intelligence helped Ukraine sink Russian battleship Moskva Senate Democrats plan vote to codify abortion rights – but not on overturning the filibuster Bernie Sanders says Amazon union busting should disqualify it from government contracts SF Supervisors … Continued

On this show: 0:08 – As we continue our coverage of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza we speak with Alex Kane, a freelance journalist based in New York about Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution to block a $735 million weapons sale to Israel. Kane writes on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, with a focus … Continued

Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says hospitals won’t be able to handle the coming surge, urges people to stay home Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to allow $2,000 stimulus to come for a vote Senator Bernie Sanders calls … Continued

How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, discussing this unprecedented moment in history, and its political implications, as Senator … Continued

0:08 – The next coronavirus relief bill Congressmember Karen Bass (@RepKarenBass) represents California’s 37th congressional district, which includes parts of Los Angeles. She is the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and sits on the House Judiciary Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee. 0:22 – The CA Judicial Council temporarily eliminates bail for low-level crimes Brendon … Continued

Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Senator Bernie Sanders ends bid for presidency, paving way for Joe Biden. President Donald Trump threatens cuts to WHO amidst global pandemic. Democratic Senators call for up to $25,000 in “hero” pay for front line workers. California … Continued

Letters and Politics

The State of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Guest: David A. Hopkins is Associate Professor of Political Science at Boston College who specializes in the study of American political parties, elections, Congress, and voting behavior. He is the author of Red Fighting Blue: How Geography and Electoral Rules Polarize American Politics.   Guest: Norman Solomon is a journalist, media critic and progressive activist … Continued

0:08 – Democratic primary results, Bernie falling behind, Biden sweeping Michigan and more. John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, and covering the 2020 Democratic presidential race. 0:34 – The needs of unsheltered people during coronavirus Jennifer Friedenbach is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness (@TheCoalitionSF). Candice Elder is the … Continued