Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – May 29, 2005

Matt Gonzalez continues to fill in for Larry Bensky, who is home recovering nicely after successful surgery. The first hour, we speak with Yvonne Latty, author of We Where There: Voices of African American Veterans, from World War II to the War in Iraq. We will open up phones and hope to hear from African … Continued

Dead to the World

Sing Out – May 25, 2005

this episode is no longer available

Special four-hour edition of Sing Out! Larry Kelp and Derk Richardson, celebrating Bob Dylan’s 64th birthday with four hours of Dylan songs, cover versions, and rareties.

The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – May 19, 2005

Global Democracy and 9/11 Today Neptune stations, appears to stand still from the earth’s perspective, mythologically beaming down its themes into the collective field – the intelligence of truthful vision to dissolve its toxic mimic of distracting illusion. So, Caroline welcomes guest David Ray Griffin for part One, focusing on his book, The New Pearl … Continued


Flashpoints – May 17, 2005

Excerpts from John Pilger’s new film which documents the planning, execution and cover-up of a US-British scheme to "cleanse and sanitize" the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia for military expropriation. The gentle Chagosians who had lived there for generations were brutally expelled from their idyllic island home in the 1970s, left without hope in … Continued


Counterspin – May 13, 2005

This week on CounterSpin: international trade is on the agenda in Washington, with the White House pushing for Congress to vote on the CentralAmerican Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA. The trade pact is getting next to no mainstream media attention, even though the political fight over it is heating up. We’ll talk to Karen Hansen-Kuhn … Continued

Democracy Now 9am

Democracy Now! (6 am) – May 13, 2005

John Bolton Suffers Setback In Bid to Become UN Ambassador In a rare move, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has sent the nomination of John Bolton as UN ambassador to the full Senate without an endorsement. War Resister Pablo Paredes Wins Surprise Victory: Military Judges Orders No Jail Time For Refusing Deployment Orders Paredes was … Continued


Flashpoints – May 9, 2005

Independent of London reporter Patrick Cockburn reports from Baghdad on the killing of 75 Iraqis by US forces at the Syrian border; plus, a free-wheeling discussion with award-winning investigative reporter Robert Parry on CIA-linked drug trafficking and the cover-up of the October Surprise; and the Knight Report.