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Remembering Margy Wilkinson, Berkeley activist, organizer and Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, COVID-19 surges and the possibility of statehood for Puerto Rico on the table in Congress and more.

Honoring Margy Wilkinson

KPFA mourns the passing of Margy, a great and dedicated spirit. Margy was in the struggle for the long-haul. She participated in a protest on the day of her death, standing up and her putting her body on the line for justice in her last hours as she had for her entire life. Margy volunteered … Continued

Protester holds sign at vigil for Tony McDade in Oakland, CA on June 5, 2020 On this show: 0:08 – Chaney Turner is a community organizer and entrepreneur from Oakland, organizing a march Saturday in Deep East Oakland calling for police reform and an end to state-sanctioned violence.  0:18 – Now is the time to … Continued

According to the Ruderman Foundation a third to a half of all people killed by police are disabled.  In a period of continued action by the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence and brutality, we turn to you, our listeners with disabilities. Are you participating? Supporting?  Staying home but calling government officials? Helping activists … Continued

0:08 – Arisha Hatch, Vice President and Chief of Campaigns at Color Of Change, discusses the impact of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests on the 2020 elections, and the political opportunities that have opened up. She says the protests have “dramatically changed the conversation” for candidates on the local, state, and national levels. 0:18 … Continued

On tonight’s show, guest producer Anuj Vaidya, with the Performance Studies department at UC Davis, shines a bright light on Strike University, the digital picket line for the University of California student movement  that seeks to decolonize, democratize, queer, and abolish the current oppressive university system. In conversation with Anuj are Shreya Deshpande also from … Continued

0:08 – Hours-long lines at the polls, scores of voters sent to nursing homes to cast their ballots, black voters not receiving confirmation of their registration, voting machines without cords, poll workers without the information necessary to operate the machines, police being called on voting rights observers  — these are just some of the stories … Continued

Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Funeral held for George Floyd, the black man killed by white police officer. California lawmakers take knee and 9 minutes of silence for George Floyd. Senate Democrats urge Republicans to take up police brutality and COVID-19 bills. … Continued