The Hear and Now – A special newly pre-recorded edition – 10 p.m., Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tonight’s show, recorded by host Derk Richardson at home in Oakland, includes musical ruminations about circumstances with which we are coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the sense of isolation and the passing on of friends, relatives, and assorted beloved sentient beings. Music by John Lennon, Donovan, Jesse Winchester, Laurie Anderson, Tom Rozum and Laurie … Continued

May 6 2020


Asistencia de Centro Legal


“¿Está usted atrasado en su renta?¿Está usted preocupado por su situación de vivienda o por ser desalojado durante el estado de emergencia debido al Coronavirus? ¿Sabía que el Condado de Alameda aprobó fuertes protecciones para detener la mayoría de los desalojos en todo el condado? La nueva moratoria protege a todos los inquilinos en el...

May 6 2020



“Are you behind on your rent? Are you worried about your housing situation or about being evicted during the Coronavirus emergency? Well! Did you know the County of Alameda passed strong protections to stop most evictions throughout the entire county! The new moratorium protects tenants in Alameda county during and after the emergency. If you...

0:08 – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra files lawsuit against Gig employers for misclassification of employees. Brian Chen is staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project (@NelpNews), focusing on independent contractors and gig workers. 0:20 – This morning, the US Supreme Court is hearing opening arguments today on whether employers can claim religious or … Continued


Cinco de Mayo 2020

Today on the Show: A special meaning for Cinco de Mayo in the middle of the pandemic. Also we’ll hear about a mission of mercy and social justice in San Francisco’s Mission district. We’ll feature a Cinco de Mayo commentary from our own Miguel Gavilan Molina. And Trump plots to overthrow the Venezuelan Government while … Continued

May Day Coverage on KPFA

May Day events this year took place against a backdrop of the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis, a growing numbers of strikes and job actions, and deepening inequality. Here at KPFA, our various programs have been documenting the evolving social movements which have risen up to meet the new normal as well as how front line communities … Continued