Minutes KPFA LSB Delegate Assembly and LSB Meeting

Saturday, January 11, 2020, 11 am – 3: 00 pm

South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis Street Berkeley, CA 94703.

  1. Called to order
  2. Roll call: for Delegate Assembly and LSB meeting Present, Sharon Adams, Daniel Borgstrom, Christina Huggins, James Mcfadden, Aki Tanaka, Andrea Turner, Carol Wolfley, Frank Sterling, Tim Lynch, Chris Cory, Sabrina Jacobs, Darlene Pagano, Tom Voorhees, Susan da Silva, Jeannine Etter, Philip Maldari, Mark Van Landuyt, Marilyn Langlois, Karina Stenquist, Christine Pepin, Mantra Plonsey Electronic Access:, Shirah Dedman, Don Goldmacher, Ahmad Anderson, (Noni Session resigned and is replaced by Mantra Plonsey)
  3. Reviewed group meeting and email list agreements
  4. Approved agendas for Delegate Assembly and LSB meeting as amended moving CAB election to just before public comments.
  5. Delegate Assembly

Election of Listener Directors to the 2020 PNB

Chris Cory, Aki Tanaka, Tom Voorhees elected

Election of Staff Director to the 2020 PNB Sabrina Jacobs elected

Election of KPFA LSB members to Pacifica National Committees, Elected:

Audit: James Mcfadden, Darlene Pagano,

Elections: Susan da Silva, Christine Pepin,

Programming: Jeannine Etter, Shirah Dedman,

Governance: Carol Wolfley, Susan da Silva

Inclusion: Darlene Pagano, Andrea Turner

Affiliates, Carol Wolfley, Tom Voorhees, Sabrina Jacobs

Archives: Andrea Turner, Karina Stenquist, Mark van Landuyt, Sabrina Jacobs, Tom Voorhees.

Technology Tom Voorhees, Frank Sterling

Voted on Bylaws Amendment Motions

Motion 1:  “Be It resolved that the amended Pacifica Bylaws submitted to the Pacifica National Board in September 2019 by more than 1% of the Pacifica members, and subsequently accepted by the Pacifica National Board, be enacted as soon as possible. Failed: 4 Y, 13 N, 4 A,

Motion 2:  “Be it resolved that the delegate members of the KPFA LSB believe the Pacifica membership should have a right to vote on the current bylaw proposal submitted by membership petition in September 2019, as California law and our current Bylaws guarantee the right of members to vote on new Bylaws submitted by member petition” Passed Y 5, 0 N, 14 A

Adjourned Delegate Assembly

Began LSB meeting

  1. CAB appointments: Craig Dunkerley, Fred Cook and Sandra Parker were appointed to the KPFA Community Advisory Board
  2. Public comments

8   Approved minutes December 2019 meeting Passed

  1. Motion to rescuedule LSB orientation retreat from Feb 1 to Feb 8 Passed
  2. Treasurer’s report—KPFA and NFC
  3. PNB Reports
  4. Old Business: Motion concerning PNB Directors, Tabled
  5. Adjourned


The KPFA LSB condemns recent actions of individual LSB board members using Pacifica resources to post and call false KPFA LSB meetings during a time when there was not a possibility of a quorum due to Covid 19 cancellation of the live space for the scheduled live meeting, health and personal challenges of board members and a need to transition to online meetings. The calling of LSB meetings which are unauthorized by the board or officers violates the Pacifica Bylaws, confuses the public and compromise Pacifica’s posting system which serves as a data base for CPB grant applications. We ask that individual LSB members from KPFA and other stations cease and desist form posting, calling and/or arranging for unauthorized KPFA LSB meetings.

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