Living Room: what’s in the news, what’s behind what’s in the news, what’s not in the news that should be in the news—and who’s doing what about it, here and now. Celebration and support from our vibrant, diverse community. produced and hosted by Kris Welch.


Kris Welch

Kris Welch came to radio following her conviction that communication improves understanding, and that improved understanding can bring peace. This conviction arose from the Civil Rights, feminist, and anti-war movements of her formative years—and remains, despite many difficult encounters and major disappointments with political reality.

Her small-town midwest upbringing, living and working in Iran, Italy, Germany, England, finding joy in performance (theater, music, dance), becoming a single mom, raising a disabled child—all multiply her approaches to communication.

She started at KPFA as a volunteer with the Women’s News Collective in the 70’s. She also worked at KSAN, KALW, KQED (FM and TV). She has worked in print journalism (Tehran Journal, Rome Daily American, Livermore Independent, Freedom News Peace and Freedom Party newspaper).

KPFA vastly expanded the world and continues to provide access, inspiration, and community with passionate and compassionate activists all around the globe.