When activists and advocates are up against a shelter-in-place order, when everything we usually do is completely impossible, who you gonna call?  That’s right!  Disability Justice!  Call ‘em now at 1-800-CRIP-POC-CRIP! Why them, you ask. Because over the past couple of decades activists with disabilities, in particular activists of color, have blazed a path of … Continued

Featured Non-Profits during our Spring Fund Drive

KPFA takes its responsibility seriously to stay on the air AND to help our community. During this Spring Drive not only are you supporting KPFA, you’re also helping a small group of non-profits in our community through this crisis. Choose one of these non-profits when you donate and 10% of your donation will be passed … Continued

We speak with 3 Bay Area clergy members about the launch a national public information campaign entitled #ItsLoveNotTheLaw to encourage pastors and congregations to remain sheltered in place. We discuss the conflicting opinions pertaining to a way forward during Covid-19, and the particular concerns of congregations in desperate need of physical, spiritual, financial, informational and emotional … Continued


Voting 2020

Trump is moving to deny vote-by-mail, as more and more states institute it to prevent COVID-19 spread. This is not the only GOP suppress-the-vote tactic.  The Brennan Center gives us the heads-up. Hosted by Kris Welch.

KPFA GM Report: May 16th, 2020 

State of the Station  First, I hope you and your families are staying well. In recent weeks, radio stations across the country have been disrupted by the realignment to a remote broadcasting workforce, a sunken economy and an unprecedented demand for up-to-the-minute public health information, resources and news coverage. The broadcast world has surely changed … Continued

May 26 2020



Lend-A-Hand Foundation in collaboration with Oakland Unified School District will be distributing food and school supplies. The event takes place on Tuesday, May 26th from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Douglas Parking Lot located on 23rd and Broadway in Oakland. All who attend must comply with CDC and the State of California COVID-19...

0:08 – Moment of silence for Stacey Park, who passed away Tuesday and was at the heart of disability justice organizing in the Bay Area, working with Sins Invalid, founding the Disability Justice Culture Club, campaigning to stop police terror, and fighting deadly PG&E shutoffs through the #PowerToLive campaign. Rest in power, Stacey. 0:09 – Should … Continued

0:08 – Texas began a new phase of reopening during Covid-19 on Monday, May 18, despite logging its single largest increase in cases just two days prior. We speak with R.G. Ratcliffe (@rgratcliffe), writer at large for Texas Monthly magazine. 0:19 – A new investigation by journalist Aura Bogado (@aurabogado) of Reveal says the Office of … Continued