More useful than corporate media’s “battling soundbites” approach to covering TPP would be journalism that got outside the Beltway and talked to people about what the fallout from these corporate-centered international agreements really looks like.

Education Today

Education Today – April 24, 2015

Host Kitty Kelly Epstein talks with Dr. Sheryl Lutjens, a scholar who has studied Cuban education in person for 20 years.  What is unique about its educational system?  What happens in Cuba that produces results which observers from all political viewpoints, say are the best in Latin America, despite  U.S. sanctions?  Education Today is a … Continued

April 27 2015

Obama Unleashed? Or Obama Rejected?

The President in his Second Term


Midway through his second term, has President Obama found new political life? Has a recovering economy freed him to pursue a more activist agenda aimed at the middle class, including a higher minimum wage, tuition-free community college, and additional taxes on the wealthy? Or is the President’s opportunity to influence policy essentially over, repudiated by...


Up Front with Friday Host Marie Choi – Save E. 12th, Octavia’s Brood – April 20, 2015

Oakland residents are gathering right now at the Lake Merritt Ampitheater for Pray 4 The Land: An Interfaith Community Gathering to protest the development of a luxury apartment building on City-owned land in the Eastlake neighborhood.  The deal has been in the works for years between developer Urban Core and the City of Oakland — … Continued