Flashpoints – April 20, 2007

We broadcast from our New College of California studios in San Francisco’s Mission District; We continue our in-depth coverage of the immigrants rights revolution, we look at the upcoming May 1st mobilizations, and speak with Alfredo DeAvila from the Applied Research Center and other community organizers; Also, after the release of known terrorist Louis Posada … Continued

Special Broadcast

KPFA Special Broadcast – April 14, 2007

Organizers are calling Step it Up 2007 the largest day of action on global warming in the history of the United States. In New York, participants will outline a new high tide mark with their bodies. In Berkeley, they’ll have a bicycle rally. In San Francisco, a clean-car expo. And when the dust settles, they’ll … Continued

Womens Magazine

Women’s Magazine – April 9, 2007

The progressive media was once the province of a white male elite, but we’ve come a long way baby. Or have we? An analysis of Democracy Now’s 2006 coverage reveals that men were interviewed almost three times as often as women, and a recent issue of the Nation magazine featured no women writers. Today on … Continued


Flashpoints – April 3, 2007

Independent Journalists Hold Power Accountable Miguel Guerrero speaks with Mexican investigative journalist Lydia Cacho upon receiving an Amnesty International Award for her work uncovering the Mexican government connection to a child pornography ring. Also, legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh gives the keynote speech from the Third Annual Al-Jazeera Media Conference in Doha, Qatar.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show – April 3, 2007

The Clean Air Act Covers Greenhouse Gases Howard Fox, attorney for Earthjustice attorney who argued the case at the appeals court level Chris Miller, climate change expert and global warming campaign leader for Greenpeace, Mandela Farmers’ Market Opens for a New Season Eric Holt-Giménez, executive director of FoodFirst/Institute for Food, also the author of "Campesino … Continued

Womens Magazine

Women’s Magazine – April 2, 2007

A talk by UCB Graduate student Huma Dar called "Women and the ‘War on/of Terror’ or "Looking for Osama and Finding Mukhtaran," a talk about how the West’s desire to save Muslim Women is used as a pre-text for the war on terror. We will also hear, a remembrance of Queer Fat Activist Heather MacAllister, … Continued