GM Feb 2016 Report

February 2016 General Manager’s LSB Report By Quincy McCoy. February 27, 2016.

First, I’d like to welcome aboard the newly elected members. Coming from a lifetime on the radio I trust you’ll understand when I say that I hope you’re here to listen. I hope you’ll put aside any preconceived assumptions, ideas about what is the right or wrong direction for KPFA, and first strive to understand that all successful boards are a product of teamwork. It’s not about any individual—it’s about us, and what we do collectively.
Ideally, these meetings are an opportunity for everyone to become connected to what the station is doing and to help energize and support those efforts.
In a successful active board, relationships need to be open-ended, joyful, spontaneous, and in true partnership with each other—a dynamic source of ideas, resources and energy. We need to target our objectives and not be distracted.
Our board’s primary responsibilty is to focus on the big issues that management brings forth—the important problems facing the station that need tackling. There is a networking component to your job—a readiness to share contacts that may have valuable resources to offer and steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical policies to ensure that KPFA has adequate resources to advance its mission. Therefore, everyone serving on the board must be enthusiastic and actively involved in raising monies.


I offer you this challenge!

Our biggest area of need is fund raising. Yet we have not one committee established to help brainstorm, create and assist with successful fund raising projects. If several of you could direct your energies in this direction, that would be a major step forward. Off air fund-raising is crucial to our survival. Fund drives are our lifeblood, and additional funding offers us the flexibility to improve our equipment and operational needs.


Charitable Giving: The Good News

Donors today are looking to support organizations that have social value. Our donors are no different. They support the impact of our work which is a fortuitous for us because this plays right into our mission.
Today there is real currency to the outcomes we produce for education, social justice, health care and the environment. Although our impact isn’t easily measurable we give voice to folks and organizations working for change.
Our grant writer is using this value proposition—our impact on social outcomes to increase our leverage and turn it into more charitable income.


Winter Fund Drive 2016: Goal is $590K

As of late yesterday afternoon our tally was at $340K with a week to go.


Shorter Fund Drive:

Our listeners are responding to this message. We’re getting excellent feedback about it along with checks from folks who are encouraged by our efforts. Give early and often.


Grateful Dead Marathon:

Another success! Raising $28,600 this drive.
Special thanks to former board member David Gans, for producing this event year after year that brings good vibes to the community and sustaining funds into KPFA. As I said previously this is an example of a board member using his affinities, abilities and resources. Also thanks to the co-host Tim Lynch, the new host of Dead To the World, for his help in making the day a success.
1 in 7 Ratio:

Research shows that guilt is a strong motivator for our listeners to become donors. We’ve expanded our appeal to listeners to nudge their friends and family that listen to KPFA and make a donation or become a member. If we can move the needle on this ratio to 3 or 4 out of 7 we can continue our shorter drive marketing strategy.
“I heard it on KPFA” (STORY)

This phrase, which comes verbatim from listeners, keeps coming up in conversations and in email feedback. It’s an illustration of KPFA’s mission to bring our many iconic voices, and give a platform to a new generation of history makers.
We’ve created a new bumper sticker using this phrase and we plan on making this catchy saying “I Heard it on KPFA” a larger part of our marketing campaign, because it so encapsulates who we are and what we do.


Website 2.0

Our website, as promised keeps evolving and getting faster and easier to use. Some of the design changes are subtle yet impactful. Our Google analytics research helped us learn that when listeners come to the site they usually go to our Archives, Schedules, or Programs. Now in addition to those items being in our Menu they are showcased across the top of every page. The listen and download buttons are also more user friendly. All this is to make KPFA more accessible locally and globally to website users. Which leads me to a change the station really needs to make to enter the 21st century. We need to change our database system from Memsyis to Salesforce.


Changing Databases: Why Salesforce

Donors expect to receive email confirmations of their donations, want to be able to pay with Pay Pal, and open or change an credit card account on our website. Currently we are unable to facilitate those items because of our 20th century software.
Salesforce is an incredibly powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that has been around since 1999 and is regarded as the top services in this field. Salesforce offers an (essentially) endlessly customizable system of customer/member management which would allow us do anything in relation to how we manage donor information, leads for potential donors, what donors are interested, etc.
The analytics gained from Salesforce would help to provide our station greater interaction with donors, potential and existing.
In terms of difference, it’s really night and day. Salesforce isn’t just a donor database, but rather an entire management system for everyone and everything related to our station (business, subscriptions, development and even programming.) In addition, given that Salesforce and WordPress are both paving the way in their respective fields, they can work perfectly together using the latest industry security standards, allowing them to communicate between each other on our website. We would finally be able to redesign our support and donor pages so that listeners and web users could select thank you gifts 365 days a year.
In order to make the transition to Salesforce, we need help raising these additional funds off the air. This is a perfect fundraising opportunity for the board to lead the charge.


Other Needs and Issues:

We desperately need to update our computers and software. We need new computers throughout the station with the latest software to enable all our folks to be networked together along with improved editing, video and Skype abilities.
The price range for this is around 40 thousand dollars. We’re trying to raise this money through grants or a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter.


The Union:

I’ve been notified by CWA that April 1st will be the beginning of negotiations with them about their contract. I’ll pass this information on to the national office to see who will be representing the station in these critical meetings.


Quincy McCoy

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