KPFA Community Advisory Board Meeting

Public meeting for community input and assessment of station goals and programming. Members of the public may speak during the first 15 minutes of the meeting (11:00 - 11:15 am).

When: January 17, 2016 @ 12:39 am

Where: Grassroots House, 2022 Blake Street near Shattuck in Berkeley .

2016011712:39 am 2016011712:39 am America/Los_Angeles KPFA Community Advisory Board Meeting

Open public meeting of the KPFA Community Advisory Board. Our charge is to assess station goals, programming, and policies in light of community input about community needs. Please come and share your individual or group's perspective on what KPFA is, is not, and should be doing. The January meeting will also include some review of this fall's Local Station Board elections.

Grassroots House, 2022 Blake Street near Shattuck in Berkeley .

Focus is on how station is, is not, or could be meeting the needs of the communities in our broadcast area. This meeting will include a discussion of the recent Local Station Board election. Please bring your own or your group’s suggestions, proposals, criticisms, etc. for the CAB to review.


  • Michael Mahoney

    Zero comments maybe that’s all that are allowed. I had to laugh or I would have cried when i read 15 minutes for public comment that must be a typo or bad joke. 15 days would be more appropriate. I can see KPFA has been changed from the edgy not for everybody and to hell with them anyhow to some psuedodo pc careful not to tip the money cart comfortable trough for old people. I say use all of George Carlins words and tell the world the truth be as real as reality and the the money will pour in. 15 minutes what a shame!

    • AnnGarrison

      That’s unfair to the CAB. They offer lots of fresh ideas gathered at these meetings, but they’re typically ignored by programming staff.

      • Michael Mahoney

        Unfair or not my point is that only having fifteen minutes for public comment sends the message don’t bother your odds of being heard if you show up are slightly better than winning the power ball. Ann I bow to your experience and really don’t know what i’m talking about here except to say I feel Kpfa is loosing it’s attractive ugliness.

        • AnnGarrison

          Well, I”m afraid I agree with you about kpfa’s diminishing appeal, however you describe it. There is a comment period of similar length at the Local Station Board elections. The real problem, however, is that Pacifica by-laws require KPFA to hold two town hall meetings every year, and station management hasn’t held a single one in many years.

          • AnnGarrison

            I meant “Local Station Board elections “when I said “Local Station Board meetings. Since the elections just ended, they’re still on my mind.

  • Carol Wolfley

    Hi Mike, This is a Community and Program Host Meeting where participants will get a lot of time to share ideas.
    Saturday March 26, 2016 2 to 4 PM
    South Berkeley Public Library, Meeting Room 1901 Russell St. Berkeley CA 94703
    cross street @Martin Luther King Jr. Way, one long block from Ashby BART,

    Join us for a lively exchange among KPFA programmers, activists, Community Advisory Board members
    and listeners from throughout the KPFA signal range, Share ideas about KPFA”s news, public affairs, alternative culture and policies and how KPFA can support your escalating political,
    social and racial injustice , working people’s and environmental concerns You will have opportunities to suggest topics
    and share literature and to speak in small and large groups.

    Through this meeting the KPFA Community Advisory Board gathers information to give to the KPFA Local Station Board and management as we help to
    strengthen our KPFA community network, For more information
    or to send us your written feedback about KPFA contact [email protected]
    I hope you can come. Please also consider coming to our monthly meetings
    After community members present their proposals, we plan and
    consolidate information we have received and visitors can participate in
    those discussions as well if they want to. We want to give community
    members a formal time for presentations. If you need more time please
    come to a meeting and talk with us about it.

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