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Today on KPFA’s women’s magazine, we explore the intersections of the environment and gender justice. Across the world, women are at the forefront of grassroots environmental movements, resisting land grabs and displacement from the state/extractive industries to fighting the wrath of environmental toxins impacting the health and well being of their communities. We talk to two inspiring women activists from the global south. First, Preeti Mangala Shekar talked to Honduran environmental activist and indigenous leader, the late Berta Caceres, when she was in the bay area to accept the Goldman Prize in 2015 for her incredible activism fighting her community’s displacement from the world’s largest dam builder. The Honduran indigenous and environmental rights campaigner, Berta Caceres was murdered by the right wing Hondurian government , barely a week after she was threatened for opposing a hydroelectric project. Since Honduras’s right wing coupe it has become one of the most violent places in the world. In an interview two years ago, Cáceres singled out Clinton for her role supporting the coup. Later in the show, we talk to Dipti Bhatnagar an Indian organizer with Friends of the Earth International based in Mozambique, who discusses how both grassroots mobilizing and strategically using international spaces like the UN Climate Forum / Conference of Parties (COP) are strategic feminist approaches in the fight for environmental justice. berta-caceres

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