Welcome to the B-Side Dojo

Welcome to the B-Side Dojo – July 1, 2020

this episode is no longer available


“Self Transcendence” produced by Prema Jackson

(first half hour)

An exploration of ways to tap into the vast potential of the human spirit. The first episode, “Self Transcendence”, focuses on the magic inherent in the effort to go beyond what you think you can do, and includes interviews with documentary filmmaker Sanjay Rawal, and ultramarathon champions Yolanda Holder and Suprabha Beckjord.

Prema Jackson is a graduate of the KPFA First Voice Apprenticeship Program, and current participant in the KPFA Operations Department Internship Program. She is a frequent contributor to special programming for Black History and Women’s Day events.


“Stories From Our Elders” produced by Peter Stickney

(second half hour)

Have you ever wondered what life was like for your grandparents or even your great grandparents 80 years ago? How are their lives different from ours? What life lessons did they pass onto us from their own experiences? This is the podcast Stories From Our Elders honoring, exploring, and learning from the lives of those who came before us. 

In this episode Carol Johnson is interviewing Georgia Hesse about her life. From growing up in a huge cattle ranch in Wyoming to becoming the first travel editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Peter Stickney is a photographer, videographer and filmmaker who lives in San Francisco. And is currently a KPFA Operations Intern. Peter has been a photographer, audio and video nerd since grade school. Creating his first audio edit on a cassette tape to create the soundtrack for a super 8mm film when he was in junior high. Peter just finished the documentary SDA Kinship: The Early Years and is still doing interviews for his film project: Faces of Our Elders.


A Project of the Operations Department Training and Skill Building Program

The B-Side Dojo is the testing ground for Operations Department interns and KPFA producers where they can experiment and push the boundaries of storytelling and content creation. Content Creators on the B-Side Dojo will be guided by a mentor/coach in order to apply their learned radio production skills on podcasts and live public affairs shows.


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