Together We Are Mighty

Together We Are Mighty – April 9, 2017


Hillbilly JazzPanhandle RagHillbilly JazzFlying Fish
The Town Howlers - live in the studioLive in the Studio
ralph StanleyI'll Pass Over Theesunday morningcrfrc
Windy Hill - live in the studiolive in the studio
Ralph Stanleycry from the crosscry from the crossrebel
The Bucking Mulessmoke behind the cloudssmoke behind the cloudsfree dirt
The Bucking Mules fire on the mountainsmoke behind the cloudsfree dirt
The Bucking Mulesjasper jailsmoke behind the cloudsfree dirt
moon mullicanshoot the moon
carolyn Martinput ypurself in my blues
chip taylor & Carrie Rodriguezextra
hillbilly idolwhen it rains i get wet
Lyle LovetteThat's Right You're not from Texas
Merle Haggard and Willie NelsonReno Blues (Philadelphia Lawyer)
Merle HaggardNo Time Time to Cry1996curb
Merle HaggardI've seen it all go awayi am what i amvanguard - hag
willie nelson & Merle haggardthe whole world's going to potdjango and jimmielegacy
vern godsinset em up joe
buck owensi don't hear you
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