Joe Frank

APEX Express – March 4, 2004

Outsourcing to Asia continues to make the news. It’s also the subject of Alladeen, a well-received play about the impact of made-in-the-USA jobs exported to Indian workers. We learn more about this issue in a talk with: Naeem Mohaiemen, author of articles on outsourcing, and Marianne Weems producer of Alladeen. Also, the Asian Sight and Sounds Showcase in March features: the film "Second Generation" to be shown Mar 8 and 20th at the NAATA film festival, as well as shows that fuse turntables, tablas, traditional sounds along with dumbek and drum N bass. Dhamaal’s on-board to talk about this first annual Showcase they’re presenting and playing in on Mar 19 and 27th at Club 6. And, more coverage of films from the NAATA Film Festival! Plus music, calendar and more – as well as a thanks to SAMAR, a South Asian collective and our Asian Pacific counter-part programmers on WBAI radio in New York, who helped with this show.

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