Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – November 11, 2015

A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics, hosted by Bonnie Faulkner.

  • mooco219

    Judyth Vary Baker is insane or worse. She is sad to listen to. It is sad that Guns and Butter has become so unstable and reactionary too. G&B should be made to find another venue other than KPFA. It is hardly more than a freak show.

  • justin stark

    KPFA would actively ‘like’ to see Bonnie Faulkner, elsewhere “mooco219”, a.k.a, Troll #219.

    I, however, applaud and support her courage and assiduity. You, on the other hand, remain
    a transparent shill, plant and clumsy apologist for Management, and their craven cowardice.

  • FakeBelieve

    I have the greatest respect for Bonnie and have listened to Guns & Butter for years and yet I find the appearance of Judyth Baker very troubling as a programme like this lends credence to her narrative, which is heavily contested in the JFK research community to say the least. Without going into all the reasons why her story is problematic, I would suggest to any reader to search online for PDFs of any of the four volumes of Forgive My Grief by Penn Jones Jr where he documents over a hundred suspicious deaths of people who had either a direct or tangential involvement in the JFK assassination and ask yourself if people who could only contribute a very limited amount of information such as Lee Bowers or Craig Roberts were killed, would the deep state really allow those witnesses with an entire ‘inside story’ to not only tell it repeatedly but to also keep expanding on it (such as Baker now telling us rabid right-wing reactionary David Ferrie had a sudden conversion into a JFK sympathiser before his death!)?

    There are some incredible JFK researchers out there such as Joan Mellon, John Armstrong, Jim DeEuginio and David Talbot who would make fascinating guests and whose research is based on facts, not speculative fantasies like those peddled by Baker et al.

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