Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – May 27, 2015

A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics, hosted by Bonnie Faulkner.

  • chiliboots

    California is ‘circling the drain’. I would ask: “what’s in the water?”, but there isn’t any. Californians
    appear to be doing nothing, whatsoever, to save their State from deliberate tyranny, and its imposed
    institutionalization, there. Are you all sleeping? Do you need an earthquake to wake you up?

  • Today’s Show — Dr. Joseph P. Farrell — The Post-WWII System of Hidden Finance

  • Princebullock

    This was an extremely important broadcast. I got in on the program late. So, I didn’t know it was Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. I read most of his books. On my blog, In Search of Black Assassins, I often discuss the Nazis and its impact on this country and specially the Black Community. Yes, Himmler and SS came out of WWII intact with Billions. Contrary to popular belief, they did not surrender. They changed venue to the United States. It’s virtually taboo to talk openly about the Nazis on public radio or anyplace else. It was a surprise, enlightening, refreshing and very informative. Good work bringing out Dr. Joseph P. Farrell to the general masses for discussion. THANKS

  • A. Smith

    Good and interesting show, Bonnie. Thanks to J. Farrell for doing this research.

  • Be sure to Google “Secret Space Program” and watch this and 9 other presentations on video.

    (I tried to post a link, but it was blocked)

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