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Guns and Butter – March 9, 2016

Architects of Terror with  Christopher Bollyn


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  • Dave Lebowitz

    Bollyn rehashes a lot of stuff that we already knew. Bonnie and everyone else should be aware that the guy is an anti-Semite. In one of his videos, I’ve caught him repeating disinformation that he got from former Grand Master of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. Bollyn tells us a lot of things that are true, but he slants the facts to make it look like the Jews are the sole cause of the 9/11 attacks, and like David Duke, he would have us believe that the Jews are the root of all evil. Bollyn spent a few weeks in Israel working on a kibbutz. So I guess that makes him an expert. He claims to speak Hebrew, but the way he pronounces Hebrew names in this episode, it sounds like he doesn’t even know basic elementary Hebrew.
    When talking about P-Tech Corporation, the safety assessment software company, he claims that it was an Israeli company, but neglects to mention that Indira Singh, who was the one who first brought P-Tech to our attention years ago on Guns and Butter, said that it was a Saudi Arabian company. When Bollyn cites a Fox News report, he does not mention that the Saudi royal family owns a good chunk of Fox News.

    Bottom line: there is a lot more to this story than what Christopher Bollyn is telling us. It seems that one of his purposes is to cast aspersions on Jews to the exclusion of the true executive authority in these false flag operations. Everyone else involved is innocent with a halo over his head. It was the Jews. Don’t look at any of the other suspects. Just blame the Jews for everything. Frankly, I don’t think Bollyn is the most credible source of information.

    I’ve been listening to Bonnie’s Guns & Butter since the beginning in 2001. She has had many great guests on her show. Lately I think she has been scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Trev

      This coming from a Zionist is expected…

      • Dave Lebowitz

        I’m just telling the truth, just the facts. So is that all you can say? “Oh, a Zionist said it so of course it’s not true.” It’s funny how KPFA listeners take a strong stand against racism and prejudice, except when it comes to the minority group known as Jews. I understand the distinction between Zionism and anti-Semitism. A lot of Jews are anti-Zionist, and that includes some religious orthodox Jews. So it’s possible to be anti-Zionist without being anti-Jewish. For that reason I was willing to give Bollyn a pass the first time I heard him speak, but then I check out a couple videos he put out, and discovered that although he would probably deny it, the guy is anti-Jewish. I’ve caught him spreading lies about the Jewish religion itself. To me that undermines Bollyn’s credibility, and tarnishes Bonnies program, which I’ve considered one of the most important programs on the radio. That’s why Bollyn’s appearance on this program is such a disappointment. I think Bonnie scrapes the bottom of the barrel in this episode.

        • Bernie Sanders (ers-ers-ers)

          That’s rich, Shlomo.

          Bonnie’s program with Bollyn is Krypyonite to the parasitic class only. If you haven’t noticed, your feigned cries of “anti-$emite™” and “muh holocau$t™” are loosing steam fast. The goyim know, Shlomo – SHUT IT DOWN!!!

          Old Polish Proverb-
          “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”
          is now a New Global Proverb!

          • Dave Lebowitz

            Thanks for making my case for me.

            By the way, you know Bernie is Jewish, don’t you?

            PS: My name’s not Schlomo.

          • Anthony Enos Wicher

            This Nazi is obviously out to smear Bernie. I must say, however, it would be great to hear Bernie speak out on 9/11, demand a new investigation of the reasons for the collapse of the buildings and also declassify the 28 pages implicating Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration (not Israel) in 9/11. Then we could get the hands of the National Security State off our throats. But Bollyn is trying to blame it all on the Jews, just like Hitler.

          • rebecca

            bernie supported the afghanistan war n the slaughter of gaza..he is a wolf in sheeps clothing…The Hitler Test 631 The Greatest Story NEVER Told there were thousands of jews in hitlers army.. we have been lied to abt hitler..

          • Anthony Enos Wicher

            I rest my case.

        • Anthony Enos Wicher

          Yes, I have noticed the same thing about Christopher Bollyn, and I am quite anti-Zionist myself. The subtext of Bollyn’s message is always “Jews did 9/11” – or “Israel did 9/11” – both of which are false. He and his followers are discrediting the 9/11 truth movement by equating it with anti-Semitism.

          • Harold Saive

            It’s not Bollyn’s fault that many of the perps in the 9/11 crime claim to be Jewish.

          • edwardrynearson

            Israel is the homeland project and forward military base for the empire’s oil companies > “The empire uses its true believers to do its dirty work” – Naomi Wolf

    • Charles Ewing Smith

      Ben Gurion apparently gave the order to kill JFK over the nukes at Dimona. They were having a huge fight. Some of it is unclassified. Google it. There seems to be evidence he passed the order on to Israeli CIA counter espionage agent mole James Jesus Angleton. Angleton helped form the Mossad before his long stint in the CIA. After JFK was killed the US no longer tried to stop Israel from developing nukes.

      • rebecca

        allen dulles gv the order to kill jfk.. “deep state” many knew n were involved..

        • edwardrynearson

          upstream are the central banks and their control over the world’s reserve currency > Israel is a forwarding military base for the empire

    • duggy_dugg

      Isn’t it more that he says Zionists, radicals were the ones involved?

    • Harold Saive

      Not True…. This is not about antisemitism and the Jewish religion is not the
      enemy. We all understand Bollyn is pointing to Israeli leadership
      (Jewish or not) and as a source of terrorism against the USA and the
      middle east. It’s the Israeli Mafia who work with the Rothschilds and
      banking cartels to execute terrorism. The Italians have a notorious
      Mafia and so do the Israelis. We don’t blame Catholics when we talk
      about the Italian Mafia and we don’t blame Judaism when we talk about
      the Mossad.

    • Harold Saive

      Israel was involved in many false flags and assassinations. The USS Liberty is a notorious example. Jewish people who are unaware of Israeli crimes are being setup by the Likud terrorists. This is not about antisemitism. This is about identifying a criminal organization.

      • rebecca

        also one can not be anti semetic b c they r not real jews..real jews r not white..

  • Greg Allen Getty

    Bonnie’s Guns and Butter guest Christopher Boylyn should have read the Frontline transcript from ‘Guns, Drugs and the CIA’ before answering her Q about Israeli drug dealings “According to Blandon, while Felix Rodriguez was supplying the Contras from Illopango, he was receiving arms shipments with the help of this man: Mike Harare, a former Israeli intelligence agent and a key aide to General Noriega. Harare, says Blandon, was also in business for the cocaine cartel, using the same network to ship arms and drugs, all with the sanction of the CIA.” Harari being the founder of their assassination unit and Mr. Bill’s Oval Office guest in 1999 shortly after Air Force 2 took a dive and before his appearance w/ Poppy Bush on the Essex Co. tarmac w/ JFK jr.’s plane while he was threatening either Hillary’s Senate seat or GWB’s position as frontman in the Jim Crow coup…and as for ’63…check out Avner Cohen’s ‘Israel and the Bomb’…’63 and LBJ removed any roadblocks

    • edwardrynearson

      Frontline has degenerated into really bad propaganda > i stopped watching after they broadcast their feel good report on Karl Rove

  • Dave Lebowitz

    I write this during the Jewish festival of Purim. One of the most egregious lies that Bollyn has told to smear the Jewish people concerns Purim. In a lecture that I found on YouTube, Bollyn repeats the words of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke almost word for word, making false claims about what the Jews celebrate on this occasion.

    Bollyn and Duke claim that during Purim, the Jews celebrate “committing genocide against the poor Persian people.” What they fail to mention is that Haman, the king’s 2nd in command convinced the king to pass a law that on a certain date, every Persian was ordered to annihilate every Jew including every man, woman, and child. Why? Because when Haman passed by Mordechai at the gate, Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman. When Haman’s men asked Mordechai why he wouldn’t bow down, Mordechai said it was because he was Jewish, and Jews do not bow down to idols nor to men. Furious and in a rage over this, Haman decided that it was not enough to execute Mordechai. He wanted every Jew in the entire empire to be slaughtered, because Jews would not bow down to him.

    When Mordechai and the Jews of the entire empire heard the news, they were understandably very upset. They fasted for three days, wore sack cloth, and prayed.

    I won’t repeat the whole story here. You can easily find it in the Book of Esther in the Bible and read it for yourself, but the upshot is that the beautiful woman whom the King summoned to be his wife, happened to be Jewish, and Mordechai’s cousin. She pleaded for mercy for herself and her people (according to Duke and Bollyn she “manipulated the king” to let the Jews kill the Persians). The king agreed, and passed a law that the Jews would be allowed to defend themselves on the day designated for the Persians to kill all the Jews. So the Jews successfully defended themselves, killing the many people who threatened and set out to murder the Jews. This saved the Jewish people from extermination, and that is why Jews celebrate Purim to this day.

    Bollyn’s source of disinformation David Duke evidently wishes that the Jews had been annihilated rather than saved. So he turned the story on its head to make the Jews appear to be the bad guys in the story; and since this remains one of the happiest days of the year for the Jews, Duke and Bollyn slander the Jewish people to this day, by twisting the story of Purim beyond recognition.

    People need to know this about Bollyn. He may say a lot of things that are true, which gives him credibility in the eyes of those who don’t know about this libel that he spreads against the Jewish people. Knowing these lies that Christopher Bollyn spreads, casts doubt upon the rest of his words, and reveal him to be the bigot that he is.

    • Harold Saive

      Wrong. This is not about antisemitism and the Jewish religion is not the enemy. We all understand Bollyn is pointing to Israeli leadership (Jewish or not) and as a source of terrorism against the USA and the middle east. It’s the Israeli Mafia who work with the Rothschilds and banking cartels to execute terrorism. The Italians have a notorious Mafia and so do the Israelis. We don’t blame Catholics when we talk about the Italian Mafia and we don’t blame Judaism when we talk about the Mossad.

      • Dave Lebowitz

        It looks like you didn’t even read my post. In it I explained how I caught Bollyn crossing the line from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism. Please read it before you comment on it.

  • Sockpuppet2012

    Truth is anti — “semitic”.

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