Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – July 15, 2015

Plasma Catastrophist Geology with Michael Steinbacher

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  • mooco219

    INSANE? Worse yet, it clearly was a pile of neo-creationist inspired voodoo science garbage.

    And, linked to the wacko “Ben Davidson” as well! WOW!

    Just how right-wing does Guns and Butter have to be to get before it is removed from KPFA’s programming? It clearly belongs on another radio station. AM right wing talk radio or some conservative Christian station would be a better fit for it these days,

    The linkages to the far right, of so many of its guest speakers, are plain as day. If one would just be bothered to look – and not very hard.

    Guns and Butter programming has become nothing more than a new-age web-world collection of bazzaro caricatures of the “Diabolicals” we find in Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum”.

    It would be sad if it was not so damagingly distracting to the building of a movement to resist the real evils of the status quo and capitalism.

    Guns and Butter is engaged in the false alchemy of “from shit, thus, I extract pure Shinola!”

    The distortion of details is the method and the outcome is confusion.

    Eco’s Diabolical Thought rules Chapter 118 Foucault’s Pendulum

    “Rule One: Concepts are connected by analogy. There is no way to decide at once
    whether an analogy is good or bad, because to some degree everything is connected
    to everything else. For example, potato crosses with apple, because both are
    vegetable and round in shape. From apple to snake, by Biblical association. From snake
    to doughnut, by formal likeness. From doughnut to life preserver, and from life
    preserver to bathing suit, then bathing to sea, sea to ship, ship to shit, shit to toilet
    paper, toilet to cologne, cologne to alcohol, alcohol to drugs, drugs to syringe, syringe
    to hole, hole to ground, ground to potato.

    Rule Two says that if tout se tient (everything fits) in the end, the connecting works. From potato to
    potato, tout se tient. So it’s right.

    Rule Three: The connections must not be original. They must have been made before,
    and the more often the better, by others. Only then do the crossings seem true,
    because they are obvious”

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