Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – December 23, 2015

VISAs For Al Qaeda  with J. Michael Springmann

Michael Springmann was Chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa Section in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 1987 to 1989. In his position in Jeddah, he was routinely overruled by superiors when he denied VISA applications submitted by unqualified travelers to the United States. The events of September 11th gave him a more profound understanding of the troubles he experienced in that job. He is the author of “VISAs for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked The World – An Insider’s View”. He describes the American VISAs For Terrorists Program and the Arab-Afghan Legion.

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  • Tim Hunter

    I served as a US Foreign Service Officer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1993-94 as the Personnel Officer and General Services Officer and was responsible for liaison with the America citizen community (US residents living and working in Jeddah), morale of the US government staff, and hiring locally engaged staff…I was a witness to atrocities carried out by the KSA government under the guidance of CIA, NSA and “other” intelligence services…many against American citizens. When I explained these outrages to the State Department’s Inspector General investigators they then reported in Washington that my real disagreements were with the drunken brawls being committed by the US Marines on US grounds and this is what was reported to US Congressmen who inquired about my disclosures. I had reported that consular officers had reported to me that over 300 American women and children were being held against their wills by various Saudi tribal communities and being forced to convert to Mohammedanism or, if they declined to be converted they were considered “quaji slaves” (unbelievers)…with no rights and no protection from torture…I then reported the situation in KSA to Sen. Connie Mack (R-FL) and he said that he didn’t concern himself with human rights issues but was solely interested in promoting economic interests to invest in Florida. I then went to the Washington Office of the FBI and agents interviewed me and asked me what laws were being violated…a lame attempt at “learned helplessness”…a well-known bureaucratic syndrome…I was called by the Washington Post and interviewed, and so was my attorney, and we provided much information which was never published by the publication…however, a few days after being interviewed a swarm of “Diplomatic Security Police,” carrying weapons, badges appeared in my work area, the Office of International Financial Services, and ordered my supervisor to order me to leave the office and turn in my diplomatic credentials, passport and credit cards…they had no written authorization and never claimed they were acting in accordance with any lawful authority…. In 1995 in conjunction with my attorney, I presented a request for assistance to the US Office of Special Counsel, the agency headed by a White House appointee to protect government staff from “merit violations”…I was contacted subsequently by an OSC investigator and then never heard another thing…in 2015 I refiled with the OSC (because it is authorized to investigate violations of the merit system against former government employees) but OSC declined to answer what it had been doing since 1995 and invoked obscure technical objections to my filing charges…

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