Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – December 21, 2016

The Incredible Trump Deception with F. William Engdahl

We examine some of the early political appointments of the new Trump administration and the geopolitical shift in American foreign policy that it represents. The powers behind the Trump presidency – the Netanyahu Likud connected think-tank, The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, including General Mike Flynn, Walid Phares; James Woolsey, and Michael Ledeen, among others; an attack on the nuclear deal with Iran; the failed strategy of using radical political Islam to destabilize and destroy countries; a strengthened alliance between Russia, China and Iran; the failed CIA coup in Turkey of July 2016; a strong dollar policy and a weakened European Union; rising interest rates and concomitant flight capital to a Wall Street safe-haven; making America great again by re-building Americas defense industry infrastructure.

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  • lnnie

    Great show today Bonnie. Posted it at @lnnie on twitter

  • lagunabeach

    I am so glad I found Guns and Butter on the radio today. Your show was extremely interesting. Your guest provided some big picture analysis of what’s going on with Trump and his band of misfits. The MSM can’t seem to see the forest for the trees so I appreciated your discussion about the forest as a whole and Trump’s plan to despoil it. I will make sure to tune in next time.

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