Guns and Butter

Guns and Butter – April 1, 2015

A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics, hosted by Bonnie Faulkner.

  • John Doe

    very interesting interview of researcher of “the deep state” from 1971. thanks bonnie.

  • Matt G

    Am I missing something or has the new website with its tens of thousands of dollars in cost actually removed the summaries from the listings of the archived shows?. If that is true maybe some folks could post in these comment boxes on what the shows are about

  • [Voice of Mae Brussell]:

    “He was used. He was a person who’d been in jail 22 of his 32 years of years. He was a product of our penal system. He was not a hippie, or part of the youth culture. They bought him a guitar, let his hair grow and put a leather jacket on him, gave him money, gave him a bus and credit cards, and told him to do his thing.”

    I’m Bonnie Faulkner. Today on Guns and Butter, researcher and radio host, Mae Brussell. In 1971, after 7 years of research and now [“then”? MB died of cancer in 1988] living in Carmel, California, Mae Brussell began a regular weekly radio show, Dialog:Assassination. Today’s show was originally broadcast on Oct. 13th, 1971, and was Mae Brussell’s 16th broadcast. Today’s show: “Charles Manson and the Crushing of the Counterculture” analyzes the so-called Manson Murders as a premeditated political massacre, designed to destroy the social and political revolution taking place at that time.

  • Bonnie is the best! She is in many ways the modern day Mae. I usually post every show on Facebook immediately, but this one is so bitter and so dark, I don’t know if my FB friends, bright as they are, are even ready for it. It’s a fraud so remote, so long ago, and so comprehensive — and note well that it was the same year (first published August 23, 1971) that Lewis Powell wrote his famous memo, in which he said:

    “There should be no hesitation to attack the Naders, the Marcuses and others who openly seek destruction of the system. There should not be the slightest hesitation to press vigorously in all political arenas for support of the enterprise system. Nor should there be reluctance to penalize politically those who oppose it.”

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