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A Racial Entitlement? Supreme Court Threatens Voting Rights Act, One of Civil Rights Era’s Key Gains; Fascism in the Church: Ex-Priest On “The Pope’s War,” Clergy Abuse and Quelling Liberation Theology; After 40 Years in Solitary, Angola 3 Prisoner Albert Woodfox Ordered Freed for 3rd Time in Louisiana.

February 28, 2013

    Senate to Vote on Sequester Proposals Ahead of Friday Deadline
    Senate Confirms Jack Lew for Treasury
    Senate Panel Delays Brennan Vote for 2nd Time
    Hagel Takes Pentagon Helm After Confirmation Vote
    Senate Judiciary Committee Weights Assault Weapons Ban
    Newtown Father Appeals for Ban on Assault Rifles
    U.S. Increases Aid to Syrian Rebels; Training Underway in Regional Country
    Shell Delays Arctic Drilling After Setbacks
    Bloomberg Super PAC Helps Defeat Pro-Gun Candidate in Illinois Primary
    Judge Orders Release of Seattle Activists Jailed for Resisting Grand Jury Testimony
    French Resistance Fighter Stéphane Hessel Dies at 95
    Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled in Washington, D.C.

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