Panhandle Country

Panhandle Country – December 23, 2012 at 3:00pm



Hillbilly Jazz
Panhandle Rag
Hillbilly Jazz
Flying Fish
Vern & Ray
Christime's a comin'
live show
Bob Dunn (Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers)
When You're Smiling
Bob Dunn Master of the Electric Steel Guitar
Origin Jazz
Bob WIlls & His Texas Playboys
Red Hot Gal of Mine
Roger Miller
Do Wacka Do
The Genius of ....
Tampa Red
When I Taske My Vacation In Harlem
Mike Marshall & Chris Thiele
Fishers Hronpipe
Del McCoury
Call Collect on Christmas
The Stanley Brothers
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
Laurel Canyon Ramblers
Move On
Christ was born on Christmas Day
Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers
Paul Franklin
Santa is Coming to town
Delia Bell & Bill Grant
Cheer of the Home Fire
Belton Richard
Please Come Home For Christmas
Fiddlin John Carson
Christmas time will soon be over
foot prints in the snow
Bogue Ford
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Wassail Song
Commander Cody & His Hot Planet Airmen
Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas
Commander Cody
Too Much Fun
John Prine
Christmas in Prison
Bob Wills
Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
Mama's getting Hot
Bobby Hicks (Del Mc Coury vocal)
We're Steppin Out Tonight
Red Stick Ramblers
Bring it on Down to my House
Bob Wills
Bring in on down to my house
Christmas Tines a comin'
Stanley Brothers
Christmas tine is near
Joseph Spence & The Pinder Family
Mary & Joseph
Hank Williams
Setting the woods on fire
Otis Redding
Champagne & Wine
Buddy Miller
Love Snuck Up On Me
Jody Stecker
Weasel & Snakes
Steve Earl
Christmas in Washington

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