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“If Not Now, Then When?”: Filipino Negotiator Pleads for Climate Deal After Typhoon Kills 500; Profiting From Pollution: Top Venezuelan Negotiator on the Economic Motives Behind the Climate Talks; “Your Governments Have Failed You”: Syrian-American Student Munira Sibai Calls For Climate Justice; “The Most Obdurate Bully in the Room”: U.S. Widely Criticized For Role At Climate Talks; Qatari Human Rights Official Defends Life Sentence For Poet Who Praised Arab Spring Uprisings.

December 7, 2012

    Meter-High Tsunami Hits Japan After 7.3 Earthquake
    Climate Talks Deadlocked in Rich, Poor Divide
    Morsi Offers Dialogue But Vows to Hold Referendum
    Report: U.S. Claims Syria Preparing Sarin Gas
    Clinton, Russian FM Meet with U.N. Envoy on Syria
    Headquarters of Aid Group Damaged in Damascus Bombing
    Aid Group: NATO, Afghan Forces Attacked Medical Clinic
    Afghan Intel Chief Survives Assassination Attempt
    Hamas Leader Returns to Gaza Strip
    GOP Advances Anti-Union “Right to Work” Bills in Michigan
    Marijuana Legalization Takes Effect in Washington; Admin Considers Legal Action
    Report: Adelson Spent $150 Million on Failed Election Campaigns
    New York Community Activist Jon Kest Dies at 57


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