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Inside OFF: the Old Friends Festival – December 1, 2011

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Steve Horowitz, Pamela Z, Steve Adams, Dan Plonsey, and Marc Weinstein join host Derk Richardson to talk about the fertile and vibrant creative music scene that thrived in such venues as Beanbender’s and Olive Oil’s in the ’90s. And they’ll play music and preview what’s in store as the Berkeley Arts Festival 2011 presents the Old Friends Festival, Dec. 9 & 10, with Ralphy Carney & Randy Odell, Pluto (the Lost Planet), Gino Robair‘s Improvcore Orchestra 3000, Pamela Z, Dan Plonsey’s New Monsters meet the Manufacturing of Humidifiers, and ROVA Saxophone Quartet plays for Glenn Spearman. Is it possible to be nostalgic for the avant-garde? Tune in and find out.


The BeatlesPiggiesThe BeatlesCapitol
Glenn SpearmanThe Old BookBlues for FalashaTzadik
Manufacturing of HumidifiersNine Months in the Nourishing SacDire Images of BeautyYes No
New MonstersNew MonstersNew MonstersPositone
Pamela ZBone MusicA Delay Is BetterStarkland
Pamela ZBaggage Allowance excerptnew pieces CD-Rn.a.
PlutoResortShoehorse EmergingRastascan
Lost Planet (Pluto)improvisationCD-Rn.a.
Rova Saxophone QuartetSwangFrom the Bureau of BothBlack Saint
Trio M (Myra Melford, Mark Dresser, Matt Wilson)Don KnottsThe Guest HouseEnja
Sonny SharrockBlind WillieInto Another LightEnemy
KneebodyDesperation StationYou Can Have Your MomentWinter & Winter
B for BangWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsRewinds the BeatlesKML
Carolyn BeattyThe Flesh FailuresYou're Only as Pretty as You FeelBlack Beauty
The BeatlesGlass OnionThe BeatlesCapitol

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