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The Pacifica Radio Archives 10th Annual Fund Drive Broadcast: The Campus Campaign National Education Project – KPFA Women

this episode is no longer available

Nikki Giovani, Grammy nominated, outspoken, world-renowned poet, writer and activist in a no holds barred conversation admits she’s upset with President Obama, but asks, ‘why are we mad at crack’ and she weighs in on issues from Wall Street to Ritlin. Host: Veronica Faisaint.

Starhawk, author, Wicca Feminist discusses sacred covenants, the politics of rape and the Neopaganist belief in the afterlife. With host Kate Raphael.

Noted Political commentator, Tulane University Political Science Professor Melissa Harris Perry, author of Sister Citizen charms audience with her views on an Obama – Cain presidential ticket, black women’s hair and other provocative topics. A ‘live’ speech and Q&A.


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