Special Programming

Fund Drive Special – April 15, 2010

this episode is no longer available

2000- Mutabaruka-spoken word


2001- Cherrie Moraga, author, poet & playwright – reads poem "From Inside The First World"

2001- The Soul of Rumi- Coleman Barks reading Rumi's works


2002 – Howard Zinn and Alice Walker

2002 – Michael Parenti Terrorism, Imperialism and Conspiracy

2002 – Michael Moore – Stupid White Men and other sorry excuses for The State of the Nation


2003 – Maxine Hong Kingston – Veterans for Peace National Convention in San Francisco

2003 – Robert Fisk- "Counting the Cost"

2003- Studs Terkel with Harry Kreisler – introduced by Dave Eggers "Keeping the faith in Difficult Times"


2004- Danny Glover (reading poetry) & Spearhead in Tracy, CA

2004-Molly Ivins at Mario Savio Lecture


2005-David Suzuki at Yerba Buena Arts Center-The False Dichotomy

2005-Amy Goodman and Devorah Major -palace of fine arts- 2 women bringing the truth

2005 – Huston Smith – Inteview by Andrea Lewis


2006-John Trudell – Fermenting Revolution

2006-Wangari Marthai-Unbowed

2006 – Eduardo Galeano – Voice of Time: A life in Stories


2007-Jim Hightower in Berkeley


2008-Louise Erdrich reading from her novel, The Plague of Doves

2008-Vandana Shiva in Berkeley

2008- Daniel Ellsberg in conversation with journalist, Robert Scheer-The Pornography of Power


2009- "The War Comes Home" with Eric Marr, Aaron Glantz, Norman Solomon, Ernesto Estrada & Walter Williams

2009- Noam Chomsky speaking on Gaza (DVD- sound not available yet)

2009- Walter Moseley

2009- A Conversation with Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorn "Building a Movement for Peace In Our Time"

2009-Germaine Greer – on her biography, Shakespeare's Wife

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