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Sunday Morning – July 22, 2007

Politics and Food, what a delicious combination. Sunday with Peter Laufer takes on our love affair with food and enjoys the opportunity to grill Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates.

This week still another obesity nightmare forecast: Johns Hopkins says three-fourths of Americans will be overweight in a few years. In the first hour of the show, Sunday checks in with Fresno State professor Klaus Tenbergen, who teaches in the Culinary Arts Department and writes cooking textbooks. How do we reconcile our love affair with food and a healthy physique? Joining the conversation will be Dr. Andrea Garber, a nutritionist who conducts research on obesity and eating disorders. Dr. Garber is the coordinator for the UCSF pediatric obesity program.

As goes Berkeley, so goes the nation? Not often enough, perhaps. For the second hour of Sunday, Mayor Tom Bates takes the hot seat in the KPFA studio to answer questions about the direction he’s trying to guide Berkeley, and chats with Peter and the audience about how much we in Berkeley do influence politics nationwide as we continue to seek solutions to problems from homelessness to carbon footprints.

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